Scalable toolkit campaign to promote the UberGIVING charity campaign in multiple markets across EMEA.

The challenge.

For Uber
Disparate activations with few resources may not reach full campaign potential, especially around awareness.

For our community
Participating in charity can be overwhelming and feel inconvenient. People want to give back, but value time and ease.

The solution.

For Uber
Unify our local teams’ charity activations under the UberGIVING umbrella to increase efficiency, tell a cohesive story and maximise awareness, while still supporting local flexibility.

For our community
Bridge charity and convenience: provide users an innovative, intriguing option to give back to their community.

The campaign ask.

A creative framework that serves as a unifying identity for UberGIVING as a multi-market campaign but still maintains and celebrates local cultures and unique activations. The campaign should position Uber as an innovative and convenient way for riders to be charitable and spread their generosity.

The campaign goal.

A campaign that drives social chatter around UberGIVING and encourages users to take part in local activations and share their experiences online.

The creative concept.

It feels good to give

This act of generosity brings us joy, as well as joy to those who receive it. We want to celebrate this altruistic spirit and the emotions that come from giving by creating a campaign which makes it effortless and fun to give back, while driving engagement with the charity activations taking place in each city.

No matter where you are, it always feels good to give, and this was the human truth we used to drive our creative concept, showing the joy of giving in a fun and own-able way. The objective of the UberGIVING campaign was to get people to talk about how Uber provided a really easy and innovative way to be charitable, but we knew that the message of our campaign needed to be less about using the app, and more about showing users that they could easily get the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with doing good. We decided to connect with our audience through beautifully shot, emotive photography that illustrated all the unique activations happening in each location, from toy and clothing donations, to food drives and volunteering, and celebrating cities through the use of models from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

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