Uber | Driver Stories

The ask

As part of a global initiative to elevate Uber driver-partners, we were tasked with finding and telling our driver-partners’ real human stories.

The driver-partner stories’ primary aim is to provide value to prospective drivers who consider joining the Uber platform. The authentic stories can encourage them to convert—so the stories should be relatable. The secondary aim is to increase brand sentiment in local markets by disseminating these authentic stories to our riders, to elevate and humanise our partners.

The solution

We prioritised three key markets for the EMEA region, namely Saudi Arabia, South Africa and Russia.

We worked closely with local teams to source real driver-partners with stories that would resonate with local audiences. We then flew to each location to cast them in person, conducting a large number of interviews. We then developed storyboards, scripts and narrative direction, and filmed on location as well as recorded voice over.